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101's List of Top 10 Emerging Influential Faces in Sri Lanka

101's List of Top 10 Emerging Influential Faces in Sri Lanka

Methun SK - Founder of NaadhaGama

A Voice of Harmony, A Movement of Passion!

A dominant entertainer in the industry, often seen with his hands on his guitar and singing sweet, mesmerizing music into a mic.

His voice is so powerful that it leaves an echo in our ears!

His voice is so hypnotic that it has got us swaying from side to side!

His voice on its own is music to our ears!

A captivating songwriter! A melodic singer! A passionate performer! The creator of NaadhaGama! The one and only Methun SK! His initiative began with his first concert for just 150 people in Matara. He then harmoniously captured the entire island into his rhythm, performed many concerts across the island, and even took our island’s singing essence across international borders to Australia!

NaadhaGama has brought together many young artists in the Sri Lankan music industry and has now grown musically to be a sold-out concert! It is safe to say Naadhagama is the union of the voices of this generation. They are taking the vibe of Sri Lankan music to a whole new level!

Hi Methun, what inspires you to write such beautiful and soul-filling lyrics?

"Experiences and growth. Life has its phases, consider them to be one of those trips you take, and writing a song about them is like bringing closure to all the thoughts and feelings the phase leaves you once it has passed. Adding to that, I found my own way of writing, which suited me, mainly because I was not taught in a Sinhala institution. My Sinhala writing tends to be a bit different from what I’d instead write if I had mastered Sinhala deeply."

How does it feel to work closely with young, inspiring musical talents in Sri Lanka, and what do you have planned for the future of NaadhaGama? Are we to expect another sold-out concert soon?

"NaadhaGama is the turning point of many of our lives. It was a blessing given to us by the universe, the family we’ve built, and the people surrounding us and coming to watch us and be with us, the feeling of being a part of this cute little musical ecosystem is such a great blessing. And yes, NaadhaGama will happen soon, we are heading off to Melbourne for a concert in October!"

Was it always your dream to enter the music industry, when and where did the story of Methun start?

"Well, I don’t think any of these things I am today were on my list 12 years ago. I was very much a student who was aspiring to be an engineer, but I started singing later, I liked to see myself as a performer/entertainer, but never in the means of being in the music industry.  I believe the real deal about my career started when I wrote Sasaren Aa Mithura - that was the first time I was able to write and compose a song, and with a lot of support and encouragement, I continued to do that."

What is your message to our young artists?

"Be yourself, identify what makes you unique, and master that.

Being an artist doesn’t mean we have to be popular or famous or have gigs all the time, none of these have anything to do with your creativity.

Make sure the creations you make are your favourite songs to sing, and make sure they help you find some kind of peace for yourself.

The journey may seem slow but do not compare yourself to anyone. Every moment you spend doing something you love, you are definitely building yourself."