About Us

A ‘Bit’ by ‘Bit’ a ‘Byte’ is formed… giving life to much greater capacities such as gigabytes, petabytes, zettabytes, and so on…


We begin our journey seated at a single desk with a single computer. But, with a dream to bring to life technological advancements for brand development so high that it reached the stars!

Our CEO opened a new door in 2020, amidst the Covid Pandemic he took a huge risk! His determination and will to break barriers led us to where we are today – a 360 digital marketing services provider!

Our name, Digital101 is carefully thought of to project the Binary Code.

Within a few years, he was able to hire a skilled workforce that soon became the definition of Digital 101.

Today, we are an established website-building and digital marketing agency giving life to brand awareness, direct marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, online advertising, e-mail marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, brand positioning, search engine marketing, relationship marketing, and even international marketing. These are just to name a few! Our team consists of diverse individuals that are talented in various segments of the digital marketing, digital consultancy, and online advertising industry. Each one is evolving and growing to build your brand awareness in the best possible way! Our key focus is providing 360 Digital Marketing Solutions and brand strategy as per your business needs. With a vision of global domination in caring for brands and their success, we are set on a mission of providing 360 digital marketing solutions that are curated, personalized, and adapted to suit you, your brand, and your future!